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Tuesday 4th February

I am feeling a bit pissed off today because Richmond Park have decided to have a Deer Cull (apparently 2 a year) and therefore the park is closed until 7:30am. Now I normally hit the park by 5:25am and do 4 laps. This generally takes me 1hr 50 mins or 27km/hr. There are no cars at that time and I love the darkness, whilst listening to my DJ Mix.

So instead I just cycled back along the main road towards Richmond and went through Richmond to Kingston. I just kept cycling and actually saw some lovely things. Anyway I thought I’ll hit the pool earlier instead and so turned round and cycled back. I covered 30Km – felt much less.

The swim was good and I felt strong. I did my usual 4 X 800M. I am building up to Ironman distance and also increasing the speed, whilst reducing the amount of intervals. These morning swims I do are my endurance swims. I do Drills with the tri club twice a week – and they hurt!!


Map of my off route cycle this morning!



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Monday 3rd February

This is the day I am starting this blog. The previous posts were written a minute ago, so from now on I will try and keep it up to date.

This week I am feeling much better and stronger. I think I am ready to run again, but I am going to wait to get the go ahead from my physio. I am also aching a lot today after yesterday’s strength session.

I start my days a 4:50am and leave the house about 5:10 after my bowl of porridge. I cycled 4 X Times richmond park – about 50km and then swim straight after 4 X 800M. This is now starting to get much easier and I can see real improvements in my speed and heart rate is lower generally.

I use the morning cycle as a chance to listen to a new DJ mix. Today’s mix was by Edu Imbernon. The closing party at Space Ibiza and it rocked.


Here is a picture of my clock (glad there was no typo there!) when I leave.

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January Training


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January 2014 – Physio

I still had the hip injury and it was niggling me all the time. I finally managed to get some physio and she was brilliant. I felt better immediately, but she gave me some bad news. I was allowed to run for 4-6 weeks and I had to defer my place in the London Marathon – not happy!! However, I had to remain positive and remember that the end game is the Ironman on July 20th, so I needed to listen and follow her instruction.

She set me a strength program and I “upped” my swimming and cycling.

crutch 3d

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30th November 2013 – Movember 10K run



On the 30th November I finished off the “Movember” month with a 10km run in Greenwich Park. The course was hillier than I imagined and I had come down with an injury. It was a suspected hip tendinitis. I decided to take 4 or 5 Ibuprofen and grit my teeth. It hurt at first but after a couple of Km’s I was ok and started to pick the pace up. I managed to do it in 48 mins which I was happy with.

Oh what a stupid thing to do!!!! The next few days I couldn’t walk at all. I was in agony too! This had really thrown a spanner into my running training already.

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November 9th 2013

Today was the start of my journey to Ironman.

I received an email confirming my entry “Thank you for your application for Ironman UK 2014. We are delighted to be able to offer you a place – WELCOME to Team Macmillan!”

This was very exciting and scary all at the same time. I started to really think about the mammoth task ahead of me.

===A Bit of Background===

I weighed in at 105Kgs (see me in the pic with my sister) MeMay2012BIGand was very overweight and over the last year I had lost some weight. I was about 95kgs in June, when I got my bike back, which had been in storage in Australia. I cycled everywhere and changed my diet. I started feeling good and by July/August decided to do a triathlon at Eton. It was a supersprint which was a 400m swim, 10.6km and a 2.5km run.  Now because of my fitness level I had to work so hard, but I was focussed and determined. Soon my training was paying off and I came 2nd in my age group – even after my wetsuit broke and I lost time in transition.

chrisHSBCtri I was buzzing big time after completing my first Triathlon!

The feeling of crossing that line, is amazing!! I was hooked and I looked to join a triathlon club. I joined Ful on Tri in October and train most days. I did take some time off for a few weeks to get ready for base training – in line with the club’s program.

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