November 9th 2013

Today was the start of my journey to Ironman.

I received an email confirming my entry “Thank you for your application for Ironman UK 2014. We are delighted to be able to offer you a place – WELCOME to Team Macmillan!”

This was very exciting and scary all at the same time. I started to really think about the mammoth task ahead of me.

===A Bit of Background===

I weighed in at 105Kgs (see me in the pic with my sister) MeMay2012BIGand was very overweight and over the last year I had lost some weight. I was about 95kgs in June, when I got my bike back, which had been in storage in Australia. I cycled everywhere and changed my diet. I started feeling good and by July/August decided to do a triathlon at Eton. It was a supersprint which was a 400m swim, 10.6km and a 2.5km run.  Now because of my fitness level I had to work so hard, but I was focussed and determined. Soon my training was paying off and I came 2nd in my age group – even after my wetsuit broke and I lost time in transition.

chrisHSBCtri I was buzzing big time after completing my first Triathlon!

The feeling of crossing that line, is amazing!! I was hooked and I looked to join a triathlon club. I joined Ful on Tri in October and train most days. I did take some time off for a few weeks to get ready for base training – in line with the club’s program.

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