Tuesday 4th February

I am feeling a bit pissed off today because Richmond Park have decided to have a Deer Cull (apparently 2 a year) and therefore the park is closed until 7:30am. Now I normally hit the park by 5:25am and do 4 laps. This generally takes me 1hr 50 mins or 27km/hr. There are no cars at that time and I love the darkness, whilst listening to my DJ Mix.

So instead I just cycled back along the main road towards Richmond and went through Richmond to Kingston. I just kept cycling and actually saw some lovely things. Anyway I thought I’ll hit the pool earlier instead and so turned round and cycled back. I covered 30Km – felt much less.

The swim was good and I felt strong. I did my usual 4 X 800M. I am building up to Ironman distance and also increasing the speed, whilst reducing the amount of intervals. These morning swims I do are my endurance swims. I do Drills with the tri club twice a week – and they hurt!!


Map of my off route cycle this morning!


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