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Wednesday 5th February

Today I didn’t cycle or swim this morning. I was feeling a bit tired and thought I’d better just relax as I had a gym session (strength) today.

I decided to run – I know I’m not supposed to, but I know my body and my hip was feeling good. I packed warm clothes in case I had to walk and started off to the gym, which is only 4km away. After a few minutes and my chest starting to open up I was buzzing and loving it!!

My first run since November 30th without any pain. I wanted to carry on for ever but thought I’d better be careful. I went to the gym and did 55 minutes of weights and work on strengthening my hip and surrounding muscle as prescribed by my physio – she’s a hottie – wonder if she would be up for a date? lol

Anyway I then ran the longer way home and feeling good again. I’m so please I can run again even if the pace was only 5:50min/km which is way of my november average of 4:48min/km. Who cares? I’m back out there 🙂


Good day!


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