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Thursday 6th February

Decided to run to the pool this morning. The long hilly way. It’s only 6.1KM, but thought I could run there and back (so 12.2km), with my swim in the middle. It felt good and the weather was good too. Today’s tunes were Edu Imbernon DJ set – banging! 

Anyway enjoyed the first leg(to the pool) except I needed the loo toward the end – I need to really start thinking about my digestion and doing the ironman (when to fuel and toliet etc). Got to the pool and it was temporarily closed due to a maintenance issue (someone probably shat in there lol) Anyway I turned back and ran back. Felt good but hard work. Had a sore foot when I got back, but stretched out properly and all good now.

I have swim training with the club tonight followed by Core.

I decided today I really must make an effort with my social life – I’m turning into a real solo mission man at the moment. Got to remember to take care of myself spiritually as well.




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