Monday 10th February – new plan

Today’s mood was shit again. I’m frustrated with my hip still! I really hope I’ll be able to do this ironman in July. Please God!!
Today I picked up another Polar RC3 Bike. My first unit was busted and the 2nd one broke also. I just hope that this one is going to be alright. I’m a bit annoyed really that I just didn’t go for the Garmin 910xt. Anyway let’s see how I get on.
Did 4x800m in the pool today. Felt much quicker because I didn’t do my usual 4 laps of Richmond park(50km) beforehand. This evening I cycled to the gym and did an hour and a half of strength. Feeling good- really took it out of me though.

Also planned my week ahead training wise. Keeping it to 16hours this week. Also made some personal decisions today that I’m pleased with.

Can’t wait for some dry weather need to get some sessions in on the TT bike.


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