Tuesday 11th February – what a day!!

I think I should’ve stayed in bed today. Firstly I drove to the garage to put petrol in the car and then realised that I’d forgotten my wallet. The guy at the counter was a real arsehole, so I left the car and walked home to get my wallet in the pouring rain. Luckily I was just down the road from my house. Then I’m at the hospital for my physiotherapy appointment, I must of left my lights on in my car because when I got back the battery was flat. Agghh!!!

Anyway these things are sent to test us and I just thank God that there was a lovely lady in the car park that jump started my car, so I could be on my way.

Training wise I got up at 6 had a small bowl of porridge and cycled to the pool. I’ve changed my endurance sets today from 4x800m to 3x1067m. So same overall distance (3.2km) but reducing rest and sets. I’m going to keep this swim for a week or two and then increase distance to 4km by adding lengths. These endurance sets are in addition to my Tri club drill swims. I did it in 55 mins which is slower than usual. I was feeling a bit lethargic anyway. I got changed and did 2 laps of Richmond park and it was atrocious weather and extreme head wind. I struggled and only managed 24.5km/hr which is 3km/hr down on normal conditions. I find the clockwise route so much better. Slower and tougher hills but still I prefer it.


The replacement Polar pictured is better. No condensation etc. shame about the colour. I rather liked the Tour de France yellow version I had previously. Hey oh as long as it works!
Physio was good and she sees real progress. Got a slap on the wrist for running straight out and doing 8km and then 12.5km the day after. She said do 4km and then have a day off and then see what it’s like then another 4/5km and until I’ve done that 3 times I shouldn’t increase my mileage (assuming they go ok). I quite fancy this physio, but she stood next to me today and she really tall. Didn’t realise before as I’m always lying down haha. Watch this space….;-)


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