Wednesday 12th February – Turbo

Today was a tough time I woke up and went for a swim and did 3×1067m. And then cycled around Richmond Park twice- finding it much tougher after my swim than before, like I have been doing. Just feeling really worn out at the moment. I wonder if a day or two off would help me????

This afternoon I went to the gym and did a strength session for 40mins before the Tri club group turbo session. I’m certainly feeling the difference with the strength and it’s really helping my swimming.
Lost some more weight too. Weighed in at 78kg today. I wasn’t meant to hit that for 2 more weeks. So today I thought I’d make some flapjacks as I’ve been getting the feeling of no power in me and they’re a quick fix of carbs!
Turbo was great. Took the TT bike and took a while to get into the swing of things and get comfortable. I really could do with a bike fit. There’s no way that I’ll be able to do 180km on that thing. I want to because the difference in my average speed compared to my road bike is like 3-8km/hr. Over ironman distance that’s like 50/60km difference or a couple of hours!!!
The new saddle I have as well is really hard and irritated me, but only as I’m not used to it. At least I don’t get a numb dick when in aero. Also my hips can definitely move better and are rotated a lot further forward.
All in all a good day. Feeling knackered now. Made sure I’ve increased my potatoes tonight too as doing extra sessions. Lol
Night all and happy training x

Return to my trusty TT steed. It was great to get back on.

The sitero saddle. Great for not getting a numb dick and letting you aero without the worry. Just taking some time to get used to.

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