Thursday 13th February – club night

Today I took this morning off. To be honest I had such a tough session Wednesday night and I’m feeling a little exhausted. So I slept in until 8am- bliss, then had porridge and a cup of tea in bed and watched an episode of “24” series 7. (I’m trying to catch up before 24 returns in May).
The sun made an appearance which is great. Felt like spring!!

Anyway I cycled to Fulham pools where we have our Tri club Thursday night big session. Slowly starting to get to know regulars and that’s always a good thing.
I decided to do first swim followed by core session.
Swim was really really tough. I was hitting lactate threshold repeatedly. We were wearing our big drag shorts again(drag shorts February) as we are building strength. The girl leading out lane forgot her shorts and she was quick and trying to keep up was almost impossible. (don’t worry we’ve promoted her to lane five now lol).

Set comprised off:
300m warm up
100×3 drills 15 secs rest
100×3 drills 20 secs rest
6x150m drag shorts on @80%effort
6x150m drag shorts off, off 2:30
Cool down

Knackering and very tough. Was loosing form and my cadence was too high. Need to remember to push back out from the thigh ALL the time.

Core well it was core. Hard and full of planks, jack knifes lunges bla bla bla. I’m sure that if I did another couple of core sessions a week I would struggle with Thursdays so much. Must factor that into my training!!

Enjoyed my food today. Spaghetti and kidney beans in a garlic and chilli tomato sauce. I’m really craving pasta ATM. I try and have just once a week whilst I’m trying to drop weight but just had to have today.

Oh and my new reactor googles keep fogging up. You’d think for £50 they wouldn’t do that(I paid 32)! Oh well.



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