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Tuesday – Mindfulness


I realise that more often than not I am always thinking ahead. When I get there! In a weeks time. etc etc.. I really ought to live in the now and relish the current experience. So I’ve downloaded a 4 part session on mindfulness – I just need time to fit it in now! ha ha. ¬†Apparently this will help my training and make each session more focussed and work harder. Lets hope so. I will keep you posted.

Right I haven’t posted since Saturday. That’s because I’ve just been shattered. I did have lots of rest over the weekend. I also eat plenty of carbs and built up my energy stores. So Sunday’s club swim session was awesome. I felt strong and kept going the whole time without really slowing – it got so hard though!
It was a tough session again wearing drag shorts and this week we also had to hold off on using our legs in the drills.  Total was 3500M with the main sets comprising of (4X200m)X3 and then finished off with sprints РA very good hour and half.

Monday I did my endurance swim of 3 x 1067M (3.2km) in 53mins(on target) followed by 2 fairly brisk laps of Richmond Park on the bike. Averaged out 28.1KM/hr which is getting better and I’m slowly building the speed. The turbo sessions have really helped here. Also when I get back on the TT bike I have a feeling my average speed over a few laps of the park will be at 30km/hr + in the clockwise direction (steeper climbs).

Today Tuesday I got up early and locked myself out. I realised when I arrived at the swimming pool at 6:30am and couldn’t lock my bike – aghhhhh!!! so I sprinted home and couldn’t get hold of any neighbours until an hour later to let me in and get the spare key!! So my training was blown this morning. Instead I enjoyed a cappuccino and watched an episode of house of cards! Now I have a case of non training guilt, but no worries I will just swap today with Friday’s rest day.

Food wise I’m on top of things, eating well. Porridge for breakfast, 2 apples a day, a banana, scrambled eggs and tomatoes on rye for lunch, chicken and veggies for dinner and muesli and yoghurt with grapefruit as a snack. Plus I made some more homemade humous which i snack on with celery and ryvitas.


Music playing at the moment, is the Foals and when training I’m listening to Eric Volta.

Happy Training Everyone!


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