Thursday – BiG training day


Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was in an everything’s shit mood for no real reason?? I had to constantly fight with myself to actually get out of bed at 6am and hit the pool and bike session that is in my plan.
Anyway finally dragged myself there and glad I did. Swim was strong and needed to loosen up from the shoulder strength exercising I did in the gym the night before. I really pushed it at the gym and was fairly sore from the weight training.
I did 3 x1067m in 53mins flat so on track. Pace was endurance and consistent.



I then did 31km on the bike round Richmond Park. Kept the cadence and power high. I’m really struggling to get my heartbeat over 88% of mhr at the moment. It’s normally my lungs that go first but i can take the pace and power and burning but just can’t get the heart rate maxed. This is very odd. I mean I’m been training hard now for a while so am I just fitter and I just need to really push even harder???

This evening cycled to Thursday training and decided to do a spin class and try again to max out the heart rate. No such luck again!! Mmmm??? Then straight into very very hard swim drills/ sets.
Drag shorts again but a fast past – after this mornings swim I struggled and think could be too much!!!

Food wise:
Porridge and cappuccino
Scrambled eggs x3 and tomatoes on rye
2 x apples
3 x ryvitas and homemade humous, celery, Branson pickle, beet root and a tin of tuna
Jacket potato with beans and a scrambled egg
Pork loin, brown rice and broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, Brussels.
Granola, yoghurt and grapefruit
6 lady grey teas
4 litres of water
Can of diet coke
Vitamin b and thiamine

OMG when you write it down like that!!!! Feed the five thousand. Anyway good news on the body fat and weight. Down to 77kg this morning. That’s a massive milestone for me. Another 3kg to go. Seem to be losing 1kg a week at the moment which is a bit more than I wanted to but as you can see I’m eating!!!


Tomorrow I’m taking the day off. Well I’ll go to the gym and do my strength/ core and maybe a cardio session too on the cross trainer.

Music wise it’s been a Sasha mix from Ushuaia 2010 – banging!!
Happy training all xx






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