Tuesday 25th February – Increased Plan

Put together new plan – increasing the pace with specific targets and also including running now – Yipeeeee!!! I ran to the gym yesterday and its all good – My physio is happy and I don’t have to see her again 😦 so thats great!!

Couldn’t sleep last night so I scrapped my training this morning. I’m sticking to the 6 hour rule that if i can’t have 6 hours sleep then don’t train.

Heres my new week schedule:Image

Richmond Park X 2 to and from my house is 30KM. I was doing 50KM but now I am focussing on lifting the average speed from my 26.5km/hr to 30km/hr. The clockwise profile of the park is one steep climb and a long gradual climb – normally a fairly strong headwind too. However clockwise is a better training profile and harder work.

Whilst I am writing this I had to leave and jump start my car (again) and then I took it for a drive and broke down again. SO annoyed and now its 11PM and I have to crash, as I can’t miss another training morning.

Good night all and I will see you soon. x

<music today> John Digweed – Structures




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