Friday feeling – 28th Feb

Today I woke up late. I must have been knackered and also it was late night training last night. It was drag shorts February’s last night – Yeah!!! It wasn’t too much of a tough group however I kept looking over into lane 5 elites and wondering how they can swim so fast at such a low cadence. I need to get to that standard and I am going to!!

Did a nice gentle 8km run in the morning yesterday and I feel good. So we are definitely back on track now and I can officially get my running program back on – thank goodness!!

My Polar RC3 is playing up again – I have had real trouble with this unit and would not recommend one unless you are the 3 time a week runner. I use mine for all three sports – maybe too much for it. I have a habit of breaking things. Not on purpose. My Bose SEi2 earphones are meant for sport but I have taken them back 6 times because the microphone has broken due to moisture – Im a heavy sweater I think!! I should be a product tester for these people as nothing gets past me lol.

Today I have a strength session later and then I have long ride in the hills tomorrow followed by a brick of 6km.


Have a good day everybody šŸ™‚

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