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Crumpet on Valentines

Today is my day off training. I’ve had a good day and very productive.
With all the flooding around us in London and Surrey, our long cycle had been cancelled tomorrow and instead we’re doing a 2 hour group turbo session. I’m a bit gutted but it should be good.
I enjoyed 2 cappuccinos (illy) and then came home and had 2 crumpets with butter and jam- lush mmmm. Well this is the only crumpet I’m gonna get this valentines!!! Maybe next year haha 😉




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Thursday 13th February – club night

Today I took this morning off. To be honest I had such a tough session Wednesday night and I’m feeling a little exhausted. So I slept in until 8am- bliss, then had porridge and a cup of tea in bed and watched an episode of “24” series 7. (I’m trying to catch up before 24 returns in May).
The sun made an appearance which is great. Felt like spring!!

Anyway I cycled to Fulham pools where we have our Tri club Thursday night big session. Slowly starting to get to know regulars and that’s always a good thing.
I decided to do first swim followed by core session.
Swim was really really tough. I was hitting lactate threshold repeatedly. We were wearing our big drag shorts again(drag shorts February) as we are building strength. The girl leading out lane forgot her shorts and she was quick and trying to keep up was almost impossible. (don’t worry we’ve promoted her to lane five now lol).

Set comprised off:
300m warm up
100×3 drills 15 secs rest
100×3 drills 20 secs rest
6x150m drag shorts on @80%effort
6x150m drag shorts off, off 2:30
Cool down

Knackering and very tough. Was loosing form and my cadence was too high. Need to remember to push back out from the thigh ALL the time.

Core well it was core. Hard and full of planks, jack knifes lunges bla bla bla. I’m sure that if I did another couple of core sessions a week I would struggle with Thursdays so much. Must factor that into my training!!

Enjoyed my food today. Spaghetti and kidney beans in a garlic and chilli tomato sauce. I’m really craving pasta ATM. I try and have just once a week whilst I’m trying to drop weight but just had to have today.

Oh and my new reactor googles keep fogging up. You’d think for £50 they wouldn’t do that(I paid 32)! Oh well.



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7 Reasons Why Being a Runner Sucks

Only a runner understands this haha

2 Cups 'N Run

I love running, and I am a ‘glass half full’ kind of person.
But you have to be delusional not to see the negative side of things, right?
Yep, I hate to break this to you, but running has its negatives.

1) We don’t care what others think anymore.

Don't give a fuck

Sure we may have spent our twenties trying to get over the trauma of our childhood / teen years when what our friends (and enemies) thought of us was the most important thing in the world.
And finally, running gave us the confidence and self-esteem to do what we believe is right for us.
However, there’s a fine line between confidence and not giving a fuck. We are late to work because we had to fit in our morning run, we wear K-Tape on our calves with a mini skirt the day of the big court appearance, we have sunglasses tan…

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Wednesday 12th February – Turbo

Today was a tough time I woke up and went for a swim and did 3×1067m. And then cycled around Richmond Park twice- finding it much tougher after my swim than before, like I have been doing. Just feeling really worn out at the moment. I wonder if a day or two off would help me????

This afternoon I went to the gym and did a strength session for 40mins before the Tri club group turbo session. I’m certainly feeling the difference with the strength and it’s really helping my swimming.
Lost some more weight too. Weighed in at 78kg today. I wasn’t meant to hit that for 2 more weeks. So today I thought I’d make some flapjacks as I’ve been getting the feeling of no power in me and they’re a quick fix of carbs!
Turbo was great. Took the TT bike and took a while to get into the swing of things and get comfortable. I really could do with a bike fit. There’s no way that I’ll be able to do 180km on that thing. I want to because the difference in my average speed compared to my road bike is like 3-8km/hr. Over ironman distance that’s like 50/60km difference or a couple of hours!!!
The new saddle I have as well is really hard and irritated me, but only as I’m not used to it. At least I don’t get a numb dick when in aero. Also my hips can definitely move better and are rotated a lot further forward.
All in all a good day. Feeling knackered now. Made sure I’ve increased my potatoes tonight too as doing extra sessions. Lol
Night all and happy training x

Return to my trusty TT steed. It was great to get back on.

The sitero saddle. Great for not getting a numb dick and letting you aero without the worry. Just taking some time to get used to.

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Tuesday 11th February – what a day!!

I think I should’ve stayed in bed today. Firstly I drove to the garage to put petrol in the car and then realised that I’d forgotten my wallet. The guy at the counter was a real arsehole, so I left the car and walked home to get my wallet in the pouring rain. Luckily I was just down the road from my house. Then I’m at the hospital for my physiotherapy appointment, I must of left my lights on in my car because when I got back the battery was flat. Agghh!!!

Anyway these things are sent to test us and I just thank God that there was a lovely lady in the car park that jump started my car, so I could be on my way.

Training wise I got up at 6 had a small bowl of porridge and cycled to the pool. I’ve changed my endurance sets today from 4x800m to 3x1067m. So same overall distance (3.2km) but reducing rest and sets. I’m going to keep this swim for a week or two and then increase distance to 4km by adding lengths. These endurance sets are in addition to my Tri club drill swims. I did it in 55 mins which is slower than usual. I was feeling a bit lethargic anyway. I got changed and did 2 laps of Richmond park and it was atrocious weather and extreme head wind. I struggled and only managed 24.5km/hr which is 3km/hr down on normal conditions. I find the clockwise route so much better. Slower and tougher hills but still I prefer it.


The replacement Polar pictured is better. No condensation etc. shame about the colour. I rather liked the Tour de France yellow version I had previously. Hey oh as long as it works!
Physio was good and she sees real progress. Got a slap on the wrist for running straight out and doing 8km and then 12.5km the day after. She said do 4km and then have a day off and then see what it’s like then another 4/5km and until I’ve done that 3 times I shouldn’t increase my mileage (assuming they go ok). I quite fancy this physio, but she stood next to me today and she really tall. Didn’t realise before as I’m always lying down haha. Watch this space….;-)

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Monday 10th February – new plan

Today’s mood was shit again. I’m frustrated with my hip still! I really hope I’ll be able to do this ironman in July. Please God!!
Today I picked up another Polar RC3 Bike. My first unit was busted and the 2nd one broke also. I just hope that this one is going to be alright. I’m a bit annoyed really that I just didn’t go for the Garmin 910xt. Anyway let’s see how I get on.
Did 4x800m in the pool today. Felt much quicker because I didn’t do my usual 4 laps of Richmond park(50km) beforehand. This evening I cycled to the gym and did an hour and a half of strength. Feeling good- really took it out of me though.

Also planned my week ahead training wise. Keeping it to 16hours this week. Also made some personal decisions today that I’m pleased with.

Can’t wait for some dry weather need to get some sessions in on the TT bike.


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Sunday 9th February – changing plans

Well today I’ve been reflecting on my training. I seem to plan it down to the minute and my diet, but then “life” throws in roadblocks and obstacles. Now I’m not talking about anything major or serious, just things like: Richmond park isn’t open until 7:30am at the moment, or weekly Turbo sessions with club are cancelled due to refurbishment or injury. The list goes on. It can be anything as simple as a meeting that would get in the way of your carefully planned training schedule. It’s been winding me up until I got things in perspective today and realised that this is the hardest discipline of triathlon! Not the individual elements/sports or nutrition but the whole planning and being able to react to life. I feel like I’m a project manager at the moment!!! But really this is “triathlon”.

Anyway training wise. Today I cycled to my sisters in Woolwich which is 22km away. Not a huge distance by any stretch. However traffic light after traffic light after traffic light. Because of this I always use it as a hard interval session. I brake hard and accelerate as fast as I can to lactate threshold. Also have to be so switched on and alert. Going through Camberwell and Peckham, the pot holes and some drivers…well let’s just say it’s good for reflexes. Very windy today as well, felt like one big hill climb.
Sister made me an awesome roast and then I cycled back and went to swimming training with the club. Another hard session in lane four with drag shorts again. A veteran of the club commented on my progress moving up the lanes, so I felt chuffed with that. Always nice getting some validation from the quick guys!

Came home and had granola, summer fruits heated and vanilla yoghurt with cup of tea and watching series 7 of “24”. Happy days!


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