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Thursday 5th March – taking it easy… kinda!!

Hello folks.
Today I decided not to run this running and instead run to swim training this evening and back. I did that at a nice relaxed pace- averaged 5min/km. it’s only 5 1/2km each way. Swimming felt easier tonight- pace was slower, however I’m just wondering whether I’m just getting fitter??? Let’s hope so.

I now realise what overtraining can do to me- oh my God I’ve been in such a shitty mood all week and getting worse. In the end on Wednesday I walked out my turbo class and decided to take it a bit easier. Everything was annoying me. I’d only had 6 hours sleep as well and then I went for a 4km swim followed by a 30km bike sprint and then bricked it as well on a 5km run. Then I worked and then in the afternoon cycled to the gym and did my strength exercises and straight off to turbo with the club bla bla bla bla etc etc…..agghh too much!!! I realise this now and reassessing my program.
I also have a 200km bike this weekend so I wasn’t to be fairly fresh for that too.
All in all a good learning week- but for the love of God would the turbo coach change the bloody soundtrack!!!!!
Happy training all!!!


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