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Sunday speed swim

Today I am supposed to rest on the run and I did. It was frustrating as I really fancied going out but have to follow the plan and instructions from my physio. Instead I repotted a plant cleaned the apartment, washing and changed 2 tyres and fixed the two blown tubes from yesterday. All in all very productive.

This evening I cycled to swimming. March is all about building speed now and I felt it- got lactic acid in nearly every set but I feel good now. I lasted longer than a lot of the other guys – my endurance is certainly up there and all those extra sessions are paying dividends now.
I’m looking forward to this week, training, work and watching a new series I’ve downloaded – sons of anarchy. I was really in “24”, house of cards and breaking bad. I asked on Facebook what I should watch next and I had an overwhelming response to sons of anarchy and dexter. So I’ll be watching those to relax in the evenings.

Happy training everyone and anymore suggestions on a good series to watch please feel free to comment.



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Sunday 9th February – changing plans

Well today I’ve been reflecting on my training. I seem to plan it down to the minute and my diet, but then “life” throws in roadblocks and obstacles. Now I’m not talking about anything major or serious, just things like: Richmond park isn’t open until 7:30am at the moment, or weekly Turbo sessions with club are cancelled due to refurbishment or injury. The list goes on. It can be anything as simple as a meeting that would get in the way of your carefully planned training schedule. It’s been winding me up until I got things in perspective today and realised that this is the hardest discipline of triathlon! Not the individual elements/sports or nutrition but the whole planning and being able to react to life. I feel like I’m a project manager at the moment!!! But really this is “triathlon”.

Anyway training wise. Today I cycled to my sisters in Woolwich which is 22km away. Not a huge distance by any stretch. However traffic light after traffic light after traffic light. Because of this I always use it as a hard interval session. I brake hard and accelerate as fast as I can to lactate threshold. Also have to be so switched on and alert. Going through Camberwell and Peckham, the pot holes and some drivers…well let’s just say it’s good for reflexes. Very windy today as well, felt like one big hill climb.
Sister made me an awesome roast and then I cycled back and went to swimming training with the club. Another hard session in lane four with drag shorts again. A veteran of the club commented on my progress moving up the lanes, so I felt chuffed with that. Always nice getting some validation from the quick guys!

Came home and had granola, summer fruits heated and vanilla yoghurt with cup of tea and watching series 7 of “24”. Happy days!


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