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Sunday – EPIC 253km Ride

Today I planned on doing a long ride with the Richmond park cycling club as they were doing a 200km steam run, or called something along those lines. It was to Oxford and back In a big loop. Well it went well, apart from a lot of messing about at the beginning and also some waiting for people who were a bit slower, but by the middle we were rocking and hitting 35-40km/hr.
Lee also bastardised the route in order to pick up some people along the way bla bla bla and it ended up being 253km. Now that’s the furthest I’ve ever cycled and it’s a lot. In fact probably too much for a day. However, I did this for ironman practice and to boost my confidence. I also planned my nutrition carefully- a real necessity for ironman, as after 180km you run a marathon.
I carb loaded this weekend and I loved it- omg I really used it as an excuse and purged. Curry and chocolate Friday and then pizza AND Pasta Saturday night. This morning I got up and was aching a little(but in a good way) from yesterday’s 15km run, that went well and I loved it. Running along the Thames river path to battersea park and round the park and back to Putney where I live in our awesome Capital. Anyway sorry- I got up had massive bowl of porridge and an apple and a cappuccino then set off to meet the guys at 8am. We set off and I drank about 750ml an hour of a carb/electrolyte mix and had 2 gels an hour. I then had 3 flapjacks spreadout throughout the day and a mars bar. I can say that I got the nutrition correct because I felt strong even at the end. On the 170km marker the was the biggest hill. Oh I couldn’t believe a hill like that was put towards the end-ish part of the route!!! I thought I was going to run out of steam but I dug deep and did it strong. My endurance training has really paid off- I can see it compared to others.

All in all a great day and hit my objectives. My nutrition and yes a massive boost to my confidence – I can do this ironman- I can!!!
However I won’t be doing anymore 253km cycles anytime soon. Stick to max of 180km.
I have to dash now as I need to eat the contents of my cupboards and fridge- well I deserve it!!





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Thursday 5th March – taking it easy… kinda!!

Hello folks.
Today I decided not to run this running and instead run to swim training this evening and back. I did that at a nice relaxed pace- averaged 5min/km. it’s only 5 1/2km each way. Swimming felt easier tonight- pace was slower, however I’m just wondering whether I’m just getting fitter??? Let’s hope so.

I now realise what overtraining can do to me- oh my God I’ve been in such a shitty mood all week and getting worse. In the end on Wednesday I walked out my turbo class and decided to take it a bit easier. Everything was annoying me. I’d only had 6 hours sleep as well and then I went for a 4km swim followed by a 30km bike sprint and then bricked it as well on a 5km run. Then I worked and then in the afternoon cycled to the gym and did my strength exercises and straight off to turbo with the club bla bla bla bla etc etc…..agghh too much!!! I realise this now and reassessing my program.
I also have a 200km bike this weekend so I wasn’t to be fairly fresh for that too.
All in all a good learning week- but for the love of God would the turbo coach change the bloody soundtrack!!!!!
Happy training all!!!


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Sunday speed swim

Today I am supposed to rest on the run and I did. It was frustrating as I really fancied going out but have to follow the plan and instructions from my physio. Instead I repotted a plant cleaned the apartment, washing and changed 2 tyres and fixed the two blown tubes from yesterday. All in all very productive.

This evening I cycled to swimming. March is all about building speed now and I felt it- got lactic acid in nearly every set but I feel good now. I lasted longer than a lot of the other guys – my endurance is certainly up there and all those extra sessions are paying dividends now.
I’m looking forward to this week, training, work and watching a new series I’ve downloaded – sons of anarchy. I was really in “24”, house of cards and breaking bad. I asked on Facebook what I should watch next and I had an overwhelming response to sons of anarchy and dexter. So I’ll be watching those to relax in the evenings.

Happy training everyone and anymore suggestions on a good series to watch please feel free to comment.


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Blow out Saturday

Friday night after strength training I made a huge pan of spaghetti with an arribiatta sauce with chickpeas and chicken breast. I was fuelling up for a fast 100km Saturday cycle and brick.
Got up early had my porridge and was the first person to arrive at the meeting point in Richmond park. 16km into the ride we were cruising at 40km/hr my rear tyre blew out loudly and aggressively. Pulled over and fitted another tube and that blew out when pumping up- the tyre had split right open now so I used a gel pack on inside of tire and fitted another tube and turned back home. I was gutted.
Got back and decided to brick the 36km cycle anyway with a 10km run. Run was great but I’ve been shattered all day from it and I’m aching which is strange for me. Maybe I’m coming down with something???
Right off to sleep now as got club running in the morning and swimming in the evening.
Oh and I signed up for a 200km group ride to oxford and back next week. Should be good and get me used to the distance for ironman.
Happy day peoples except now I need 2 new tyres – but hey I covered over 2000km on the last set!!


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Wednesday 26th Feb. Heavy Heavy Day

After today I feel knackered and I am falling asleep writing this – so if he doesn’t make sense then you know why.

Got up early, went swimming and I was feeling strong. I did my 3x1067m or 3.2KM in 52mins. So I knocked a minute and a half off. I am now nearly  on target for ironman distance in a hour – as of today at that pace it would be 61mins – so all is looking good on the swim front – he strength work in the gym is really helping. Plus the fact i have been Overdosing on swimming because I wasn’t able to run.


The gorgeous Richmond Park.

I then cycled at pace 28.5km/hr hilly 30km and then finished it with a 4km brick run. So really I did a little triathlon today haha. I then at an exhibition and meetings to got to in the City which went well – except I was hungry all day long. I raced back home so I could get to the gym and do a strength session before my tri club Turbo group session. As it was dry I cycled there on my TT bike – OMG I forgot how fast it is when you get the wheels turning. I was hitting over 60km/hr down the hill haha. Turbo was good but the coach mentioned that we are  having a Pizza night after Turbo next week and well I couldn’t wait for the session to be over and go an eat. No one tells you that Ironman Training costs so much in food – all worth it though. I really believe that this strength training has massively increased my metabolism though. I weighed in today and lost a Kilo again since last week. It’s coming off too fast – but to be honest it’s great! Except today my newish suit is now too big for me and I need to put extra holes in my belts!! 


Actually this is quite funny – I thought the other day that I could try shrinking some of my clothes on a really hot wash and dry – since in the past when i don’t want something to shrink – I shrink it! We’ll NO its didn’t work..typical hahah I will just have to go and buy some new clothes soon.

All in all a good day – very heavy doing all that though. Got a nice easy 8km run in the morning and then club training in the evening,.

happy Days and happy training.



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Tuesday 25th February – Increased Plan

Put together new plan – increasing the pace with specific targets and also including running now – Yipeeeee!!! I ran to the gym yesterday and its all good – My physio is happy and I don’t have to see her again 😦 so thats great!!

Couldn’t sleep last night so I scrapped my training this morning. I’m sticking to the 6 hour rule that if i can’t have 6 hours sleep then don’t train.

Heres my new week schedule:Image

Richmond Park X 2 to and from my house is 30KM. I was doing 50KM but now I am focussing on lifting the average speed from my 26.5km/hr to 30km/hr. The clockwise profile of the park is one steep climb and a long gradual climb – normally a fairly strong headwind too. However clockwise is a better training profile and harder work.

Whilst I am writing this I had to leave and jump start my car (again) and then I took it for a drive and broke down again. SO annoyed and now its 11PM and I have to crash, as I can’t miss another training morning.

Good night all and I will see you soon. x

<music today> John Digweed – Structures



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