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Tuesday run-interval hill repeats

Didn’t train this morning, I thought of switch this morning to Friday morning to give my legs a little more time after a hard weekend. Got a case of the guilty’s though – sad I know.

Tonight I ran to run training with the club. I loved it. Worked at 70% and then interval’s at 90%+. Was feeling tired towards the end and I have it everything I had on the last peak and truly emptied my tank!! Ran home which felt hard, but that’s ok. I just kept thinking about my dinner when I get back.
I’m feeling good about my runs now and I’m running well off the bike too without jitters. I just need to build some endurance in my running so that I can keep a good ironman marathon pace of 5min/km. this pace is below my Cooper test which says I can run it faster but I want to be realistic after a major cycle first.
I’m happy at the moment and things are progressing well. I have felt a bit more complacent this week but I think I will just use this week as my recovery week of my 4 week training cycle blocks.
Happy days xx


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Saturday 22nd Feb – Box Hill Brick Session

Howdy folks. I’m feeling awesome today. I woke up this morning and there was this strange yellow/orange orb in the sky and blue skies – I’ve now remembered that’s the sun!! Yippee!!!

So Saturday is the long ride day with the Tri Club. The last couple of Saturday’s haven’t happened because ALL roads into Surrey have been underwater (I’m sure you’ve seen on the News). So this morning after my porridge and tea, I went to the meeting spot at Richmond Park. I believe every cyclist in London had the same sentiments – It was busy!! I joined a “lane 3” group. Our group had 7 which (apart from the odd number) is a great size group. We headed out to box hill (site of the cycling in the 2012 London Olympics), stopped for coffee and back to Richmond Park. The pace was fairly brisk today and we averaged 27km/hr, but that’s included the traffic and stopping etc, so I think it was more like 32km/hr ish. On the flats we were doing about 42km/hr taking turns at the front.

The ride felt good and when I stopped for coffee I ate some homemade flapjacks and a banana that I brought with me. I was conscious that I was doing a run straight after this 92km hilly ride and just tried to hold a little in the tank.


I got back to my house took off my jersey and bibs and put on my trainers and shorts and off I went for my first run since I “re-injured” myself 2 weeks ago. Well I was sticking to the plan and if I felt any pain I would stop and walk. With my physio’s advice not to do more than 4 or 5km – I also (reluctantly) stuck to that as well. I did 3 laps of my local Park by the river and back which equated to 5.5KM. I did this in 26mins which is ~ 4.52mins/km. Slow but I’m running!


I could’ve carried on for longer, but I thought better of it and said to myself “ffs Chris listen to the advice you keep getting AND ignoring”. I felt good. I was whacked though. I started to get cramp in the front of my thigh above my knee, which I get sometimes after swimming long/hard – I think I need to start drinking sports drinks instead of just water(probably a lack of electrolytes). I was having a conversation about gels and iso/carb drinks today. In all my training so far, I don’t ever use these products. I just haven’t needed to, but now that the distance is getting further and I’m doing brick sessions, I suppose I am going to have to start sooner, rather than later and get my digestive system used to these (awful in my opinion) gels etc. I think I will probably start off with the Powerbar products as that’s what Ironman UK distribute on the day (main sponsor) and that will just make life a little easier. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


So all in all feeling good about how things are progressing. Got club swimming tomorrow in those drag shorts again – agghhh!! I was thinking about the actual distance of an ironman today, I mean I only cycled half distance and ran 5km. It’s going to be really tough and now its under 5 months till the big day – a bit of panic is setting in!!
I also need to up my game on the fundraising as well. I only have £20 so far – but then I haven’t really tried yet. I need to get some sponsorship from local business, family, friends and work connections. It is such a big commitment doing this ironman and raising essential money for MacMillian – so I need to focus on this over the next few days and formulate a more structured plan. I have a just giving page (click on the menu tab above) so need to promote that also.



Anyway folks I am off to watch the last episode of house of cards and have spaghetti and chicken with pizziolla sauce. mmmmm. Happy Training all!!..over and out!


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Tuesday 11th February – what a day!!

I think I should’ve stayed in bed today. Firstly I drove to the garage to put petrol in the car and then realised that I’d forgotten my wallet. The guy at the counter was a real arsehole, so I left the car and walked home to get my wallet in the pouring rain. Luckily I was just down the road from my house. Then I’m at the hospital for my physiotherapy appointment, I must of left my lights on in my car because when I got back the battery was flat. Agghh!!!

Anyway these things are sent to test us and I just thank God that there was a lovely lady in the car park that jump started my car, so I could be on my way.

Training wise I got up at 6 had a small bowl of porridge and cycled to the pool. I’ve changed my endurance sets today from 4x800m to 3x1067m. So same overall distance (3.2km) but reducing rest and sets. I’m going to keep this swim for a week or two and then increase distance to 4km by adding lengths. These endurance sets are in addition to my Tri club drill swims. I did it in 55 mins which is slower than usual. I was feeling a bit lethargic anyway. I got changed and did 2 laps of Richmond park and it was atrocious weather and extreme head wind. I struggled and only managed 24.5km/hr which is 3km/hr down on normal conditions. I find the clockwise route so much better. Slower and tougher hills but still I prefer it.


The replacement Polar pictured is better. No condensation etc. shame about the colour. I rather liked the Tour de France yellow version I had previously. Hey oh as long as it works!
Physio was good and she sees real progress. Got a slap on the wrist for running straight out and doing 8km and then 12.5km the day after. She said do 4km and then have a day off and then see what it’s like then another 4/5km and until I’ve done that 3 times I shouldn’t increase my mileage (assuming they go ok). I quite fancy this physio, but she stood next to me today and she really tall. Didn’t realise before as I’m always lying down haha. Watch this space….;-)

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