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Sunday 13th April – aching

Yesterday’s ride left me aching. I even had cramp in my quads tackling a big hill on the way home yesterday.
Anyway so today I watched the London marathon on TV which was inspiring. I love our city. It makes me immensely proud.
Anyway I ventured out on my run. I thought I’d test out my new Tri kit by compressport- see pic. It’s extremely comfortable like second skin. I wored the bottoms on yesterday’s ride and they felt so nice. It was only right to test it all out on the run today.
The run was good. I set off a little quick with a pace of 4min/kms. I need to stick to 5min/kms for my race pace. I’d rather do the whole marathon at 5min/kms than start of quicker and then slow to a walk etc.
I also kept coming across people and increased my pace – I need to run my own race. Anyway I ran up to putney through Wandsworth park and back down to battersea park. I then did 2 laps of battersea park and ran back to putney. I averaged 4:45min/kms and did 20.5kms. I struggled at the end. My hip was aching and my knee was aching too. Nothing to worry about, just need to run more. I came home and immediately took ibuprofen and also put on an actipatch, which is electromagnetic pulse therapy. Fuel PR sent me to test which I have been doing. I will do a full review soon when I have more data.
So running going ok. I enjoyed it but very hard weekend training. Both because I increased pace on both run and bike. I need to slow earlier.
Happy training all.
98 days to Ironman uk. 63 days till Windsor.


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