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Saturday 29th March – Henley Express

Today I went on a quick paced cycle to Henley on Thames and back. 145km. So it was a good distance for ironman training.
I arrived at Richmond park this morning just before 8. There were 8 of us. 3 of us with roadies and the rest on their TT’s. I was a bit pissed off about this as I would have taken mine if I’d known I could. Club has policy of not using TT on group rides, but at least I know with this group for next time. Well the pace from the beginning was quick. Averaging 35km/hr+. I took my turns at the front due to the head wind – wish others pulled their weight , but hey I got a better work out!! I also practised nutrition and used only electrolytes in my drink for first 2 hours then switched to 4:1 carb protein drink- 500ml every hour and backed up with 2 gels. Had a coffee and flapjack for 20mins in Henley which was beautiful next to the river.
This made me think that my pace could be much higher than I’m planning. I was taking the lead more often than not and was at the front powering on. I’m stronger than I think. I got back home and bricked the cycle with a 5.5km run which I did in 28mins- this included a stop for the toilet as I had a case of runners stomach – maybe the gels??? The first 2km are so hard after that long ride, my backs hurting, my lungs feel sharp and legs ache. Also stomach dicky so even more difficult. Then after 2km it’s comes easier and easier – I suppose that’s why I’m only instructed to brick 5km or 15/20mins for that very reason.
I enjoyed today but my God I was aching afterwards and now I’m shattered. I’m supposed to do a long run tom but I think I should rest my knee as it’s hurting still from Tuesdays run!!! I’ll see how I feel but the weather is gonna be lush again tomorrow and it would be nice to get out and run first thing.
Tonight met mum and my sister and she took me for a meal at pizza express and then back to mine for chocolate fudge cake and double cream. Tomorrow big roast dinner and I’m making a large egg custard mmmm. I burned 4000kCal today so I can!!!! Haha. Jumped on scales earlier too and in the 75’s now – first time ever!!! On target for my 73kg race weight.
Happy training all!!!!



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Wednesday 26th Feb. Heavy Heavy Day

After today I feel knackered and I am falling asleep writing this – so if he doesn’t make sense then you know why.

Got up early, went swimming and I was feeling strong. I did my 3x1067m or 3.2KM in 52mins. So I knocked a minute and a half off. I am now nearly  on target for ironman distance in a hour – as of today at that pace it would be 61mins – so all is looking good on the swim front – he strength work in the gym is really helping. Plus the fact i have been Overdosing on swimming because I wasn’t able to run.


The gorgeous Richmond Park.

I then cycled at pace 28.5km/hr hilly 30km and then finished it with a 4km brick run. So really I did a little triathlon today haha. I then at an exhibition and meetings to got to in the City which went well – except I was hungry all day long. I raced back home so I could get to the gym and do a strength session before my tri club Turbo group session. As it was dry I cycled there on my TT bike – OMG I forgot how fast it is when you get the wheels turning. I was hitting over 60km/hr down the hill haha. Turbo was good but the coach mentioned that we are  having a Pizza night after Turbo next week and well I couldn’t wait for the session to be over and go an eat. No one tells you that Ironman Training costs so much in food – all worth it though. I really believe that this strength training has massively increased my metabolism though. I weighed in today and lost a Kilo again since last week. It’s coming off too fast – but to be honest it’s great! Except today my newish suit is now too big for me and I need to put extra holes in my belts!! 


Actually this is quite funny – I thought the other day that I could try shrinking some of my clothes on a really hot wash and dry – since in the past when i don’t want something to shrink – I shrink it! We’ll NO its didn’t work..typical hahah I will just have to go and buy some new clothes soon.

All in all a good day – very heavy doing all that though. Got a nice easy 8km run in the morning and then club training in the evening,.

happy Days and happy training.



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